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Microphones for Dance & Home Studio - An Overview

Welcome to Microphone information. Here we will attempt to offer some guidance & advice for beginners who may be confused by the new world of home & studio recording & dance music making.

To start with, these are the top-selling microphones last month at Thomann superstore, one of the largest retailers in Europe - This shortlist gives you some pointers as to what products are popular in this category at today's date.

akg - d5

audio-technica - at 2035

audio-technica - at2020

audio-technica - at2020 usb+

rode - lavalier go

rode - nt1-a complete vocal bundle

rode - nt1-a complete vocal recording

rode - nt-usb mini

rode - podmic

rode - smartlav+

shure - beta 58 a

shure - sm 7 b

shure - sm 7 b bundle

shure - sm57 lc

shure - sm58 lc

shure - sm58 s bundle

shure - sm58s

the t.bone - rb 500

the t.bone - sc 400 + popkiller

the t.bone - sc 420 usb desktop-set

Microphone Types

There are two basic types of microphone for home-studio & general use:

Dynamic microphones
These require no power from either an external power-supply or battery, and tend to be more robust and less sensitive than Condenser-type mics. Classic "Dynamic microphones" would be products such as the Shure SM57 & SM58, the Sennheiser MD421, the Electro-Voice RE-20 etc

Interestingly, here's a video comparing 3 of the dynamic mics that I mention; the Sure SM57, the Sennheiser MD421 and the Electro-Voice RE-20... it makes interesting listening.

The 3 mics are priced quite differently with the SM57 being around 90-100 euros, the MD-421 taking the center-ground price at about 260 euros, and the RE-20 bringing in the top price at around 460 quid!... as I say, it makes interesting listening... the SM57 is an under-rated vocal mic.

Condenser microphones
Available in different types, these mics generally require power of some type from either an external power-supply or from battery (or both in some cases such as with the classic AKG C1000s). Condenser microphones tend to be more sensitive due to the finer diaphragm, and thus are generally used where greater detail is required.

Checkout some classic microphones from the list on the right - Everything the noob needs is available even for super-cheap if you are totaly skint!

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or nominate an unlisted microphone here!
For listed microphones, please leave your comments or review on the actual microphone item page - You can browse all listed microphones in the GEAR section - if you have an actual question, try asking on the forums.



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I have a couple of the mics on this list, but for recording vocals I always seem to go for the Rode NT2-a. Its has a really sweet sound to it. For the price its as good as it gets IMO.

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Here's a selection of classic & bargain microphones for music creation!


The classic EV RE20, a dynamic large diaphragm microphone used by endless radio stations and studios worldwide. Dynamic large diaphragm microphone - cardioid pickup pattern, switchable HP filter, vari...


Now at 50 years old, the Sennheiser MD421 II is a classic dynamic cardoid microphone with 5-stage bass filter much used for everything from drums to guitars, brass & vocals. ...

Shure SM58 LC

Shure SM 58 LC, Dynamic vocal microphone, cardoid, incl. clip and bag. Our best-selling microphone....

Shure SM57LC

The legendary Shure SM57 - The current standard model is this one, the SM57LC. It's a dynamic microphone including clip and bag. Ideal for Snare, Toms, E-Guitar vocals etc. ...


The AKG C414 B-ULS is THE reference microphone for almost all comparative microphone tests and one of the most used condenser microphones in the world. It is the microphone of choice for miking up voc...


AKG C-1000S MKII Condenser Microphone, cardoid/supercardoid, works with battery or phantom power, switchable pick up patterns incl. windscreen and clip ...

Shure SM7B

SHURE SM7B studio microphone as used by Micheal Jackson & Metallica's James Hetfield etc. A total classic! ...

the t.bone SC400

Superb value budget large diaphragm condenser mic. The sc400 (or sc-400 or 'sc 400') ...

Red5 Audio RV6

Super-budget large-diaphragm condenser mic from Red5audio ...

Rode NT1-A

Rode NT1-A microphone is now firmly established as a budget studio classic mic. Can be found in many music-tech colleges and community studio projects throughout the world... check it out! ...

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