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USB Audio Interface roundup March 2020 (8 x Mic Pre's)

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Author: admin
Date: 20-Mar-20

Here's our March 2020 roundup of USB audio interfaces featuring 8 microphone pre-amps under €500 Euros. This is not every interface out there, but a choice of commonly available traditional interfaces in this category (8 mic pre's + Line/instrument inputs for guitars/basses). In this video we show you the common USB interface choices most people can easily obtain in their territory; we run through each unit's features, and we compare them & choose both a Budget Winner & Overall Winner for your consideration.

Candidates for the list must include the following features:

  • Eight Microphone pre-amps
  • Line/Instrument level inputs for recording electric guitars/basses direct into amp modelling plugins
  • Traditional rack/tabletop design easy to use/understand (no weird/fancy hybrid mixer interfaces etc)
  • Separate dedicated volume controls for BOTH the speaker output & headphone output
  • Under €500 Euros


USB Audio Interface roundup March 2020 (8 x Mic Pre-Amps)

Here's the candidates in the short-list:

If you'd like to get into recording your band very cheaply, checkout our comprehensive & easy to follow 'Record your band in a rehearsal studio Super Cheap' tutorial:

We hope you find these roundups useful. Please add any comments below or on our Youtube channel video pages. For questions, please ask on our forums or again on our Youtube video channel. Cheers!


'USB Audio Interface roundup March 2020 (8 x Mic Pre's)'

There are a total:  1  comments posted to this page.

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Name:  admin
Date:  18-Jul-23

I like this article it is very informative.

Where can I buy these products?

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'USB Audio Interface roundup March 2020 (8 x Mic Pre's)'

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