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Roland Aira lineage

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Author: admin
Date: 01-Aug-19

Roland started releasing their AIRA system range around 5 years ago. AIRA was conceived originally as a live performance system of music-making equipment, the individual components of which could also be used in a stand-alone capacity with any DAW on windows or Mac computers. The AIRA range has continually been added to over recent years & further to that, Roland took the AIRA modelling technology & went on to then release their range of Boutique products; each one featuring a single model of one of their classic old units in a dedicated micro-sized hardware module. The entire Boutique range is also fully AIRA compatible.

Finally Roland brought out their Cloud subscription service, offering every emulation of their classic old equipment created via the AIRA development, all in plug-in form, & all for an annual subscription fee which gives you immediate access to the entire range of classic model plugins.

Here's our three video, each one explaining each step of the AIRA trilogy.

Roland AIRA system explained 

Roland Boutique system explained


Roland Cloud system explained


As you can see, it's a very versatile system offering both hardware & software solutions & hybrid's of both using the Plug-Out technology.

Any comments? Please leave some below or on our forums or leave a comment on our Youtube pages for these videos... thanks!


'Roland Aira lineage'

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'Roland Aira lineage'

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